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• Control your lights, televisions, thermostats, door locks, audio/video and virtually all other devices from a single easy-to-user interface.
• Control your home’s systems from a touch screen, remote control, TV, or online using your smartphone or other mobile device. Easy to install and simple to use.
• Control4 home solutions create a more comfortable and secure home while reducing your energy use and saving money.
• The optional Control4 4Sight Internet Service sends email or text alerts in case of an intrusion, fire, water leak or a guest’s arrival.

Radis Electric offers design, installation and programming services for the Control4 system. Please give us a  call to learn more about home automation products.

Integrate the control of lighting, audio/video, landscape and climate into one cohesive system. The result is convenience, comfort, energy savings and enhanced home security.

Benefits of Control4 Home Control Solutions
Enjoy a more comfortable and secure home while saving energy.
• Create the perfect ambiance in each room with optimal lighting.
• Experience peace of mind with enhanced home security.
Program your whole house to lock automatically at night.
• Simplify your audio/video components, lights, thermostat and other home systems with one remote control. Even floor heating and pool control!
• Intuitive Interface options include: TV remote, tabletop, in-wall, portable touch screens, mobile phones, iPads and more.
• Play music in almost any format at any time in any room. Access your playlists and internet radio.
• 24/7 video surveillance is accessible on any touch screen or TV in the house. Intercom allows you to easily screen or greet visitors.
• Control4 systems may also be integrated with Homeworks QS, Vantage and other lighting systems.

Please give us a  call  us at Radis Electric to find out more about Control4 home systems integration.

You’re away from home and forgot if you closed the garage door?  Just check it from your smartphone and close it from wherever you are!

Control4 Modular Solutions
Start simple and enhance the system over time
• Control4 solutions are entirely modular. Begin with the basics and then add more control to your home when your budget allows.
• Start simple with home theater control, smart dimmers and intelligent thermostats to save energy and money.
• Add peace of mind with security controls such as automated door locks.

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