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• Lutron’s Homeworks QS system allows you to improve the ambiance, comfort and security of your home with the touch of a button.
• Adjust your lights, audio/video, temperature, shades and other home systems from one easy-to-use interface. Integrate with mobile devices to monitor and control your home from any
• Radis Electric technicians are expertly trained and qualified to provide design, programming and project management assistance with your Homeworks QS home control system.

Please give us a call at Radis Electric to learn more about the Homeworks QS and other home automation systems.

Benefits of Homeworks QS – Increased Security and Energy Savings

• At night touch one button to put the entire home into the energy-saving setting.
• Use occupancy/vacancy sensors so lights automatically turn on when you enter a room and off when you leave.
• Automated exterior lighting ensures you will never come home to or wake up in a cold or dark home.
• Program the lights so your home looks lived-in when you are away.
• Integrate the Homeworks QS with the security system so outside lights will flash and  draw attention if the system is triggered.

Complement Aesthetics
• Minimize clutter with clean and simple controls that integrate all of your home systems.
• Controls are available in many colors, designs and finishes to complement your decor and add elegance and style to your home. Lutron also custom paints architectural wall plates and matches custom metal finishes.

Homeworks QS systems may also be integrated with the  Control4 home integration system offered by Radis Electric.

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