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Vantage provides a range of luxury home solutions in the categories of lighting controls, entertainment and comfort. With one touch you can control the mood in a single room or throughout your home.

Entertain in style with whole-home audio. From the kitchen set the perfect soundtrack for dinner. Relax in your luxury home theater with your family and then finish watching the movie in the bedroom with no need to change the disc!

A single button may trigger multiple functions including lighting, audio/video, heating/air conditioning, window treatments and more.

Control From Anywhere
Vantage offers a sophisticated line of user interface options including touch screens, keypads and integration with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Vantage systems are suitable for both new and existing homes (no pre-wiring required) providing high definition video and whole-home audio control.

Convenience, Comfort and Savings
Home environment systems by Vantage allow you to quickly adjust your home’s entertainment and comfort controls to achieve the ideal setting.

The cutting-edge Vantage technology is simple to use and improves your home’s efficiency. Get real-time feedback of energy consumption including cost estimates.

Vantage Keypads and Wall Plate Options
Vantage keypads are available in various styles, button configurations, colors and custom finishes to add elegance to your decor. Also offered are several LED color choices and personalized laser engraving.


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