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Control4 Systems by Radis Electric – Santa Barbara Electrical Contractors

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Smart Homes in Santa Barbara by Radis Electric – Total Home Control Increases Comfort and Saves Energy

Have you ever left home and then wondered if you left the lights on or the garage door open? Have you ever wished you could turn the heat on an hour before you get home so you arrive to a comfortable and warm environment without having to leave your heat on all day?

The Control4 system allows you to control your home’s televisions, lights, thermostats, audio/video and shades from one easy-to-use interface. This can be a touch screen, keypad, television or online using your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Radis Electric offers design and installation of the Control4 system as well as programming services in the Santa Barbara area including Hope Ranch and Montecito. With Control4 you will have complete control from anywhere in your house and anywhere in the world!

Smart Homes with Control4 Home Automation

Automating Your Home With Control4 Smart Home Control

The Control4 total home control system creates a more comfortable home and improves home security bringing you peace of mind. Even the door locks may also be connected to your home automation system so with the touch of a button you can lock all the doors at night.

Other home systems that may be controlled include floor heating, pool controls, and even your sprinkler system. Home automation provides comfort and convenience while also helping you save money through reduced electricity usage.

Intelligent Thermostats Increase Comfort, Reduce Energy Use

Automate your thermostat so it’s off when you are gone and warms the home before you arrive. Keep the temperature low at night and then have it automatically increase just before you get up on those occasionally chilly Santa Barbara winter mornings.

Improved security comes in many ways with the Control4 system. From anytime and anywhere you can make sure you home is secured with just the touch of a button. Install cameras to allow 24/7 surveillance at your fingertips. Be automatically notified when a guest arrives, and screen and greet visitors with video surveillance and an intercom system.

Optional Control4 4Sight Internet Service Alerts You In Emergency

Another attractive feature of the Control4 home automation system is the optional Control4 4Sight Internet Service which will send you an email or a text alert if there is an unauthorized entry into your home, a fire, a water leak or other emergency.

By integrating your home’s lighting, audio/video, thermostats and others into one cohesive system you will create a smarter and more efficient and secure home. The Control4 system is extremely easy to use and provides you with a more comfortable and secure home while saving you money through reduced energy use.

Santa Barbara Smart Homes – Creating the Perfect Home Environment With Control4

Easily create the perfect ambiance in each room with optimal lighting and efficient occupancy/vacancy sensors. Enjoy the convenience of simplifying the control of all your home systems and minimizing clutter with just one control device. Control4 systems may also be integrated with Homeworks QS, Vantage and other systems.

If you are on a budget you can begin first with automating your lights and thermostat and add more home systems when your budget allows until you eventually achieve whole-home connectivity.

Please give us a call at Radis Electric and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have the Control4 home automation products. We have been creating smart homes since 1982 and our best references come from our long-term clients in Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Montecito.

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