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Santa Barbara Electrician Is Home Automation Expert – Santa Barbara Smart Homes

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Radis Electric - Professional and Reliable Santa Barbara Electrician

Complete Santa Barbara Home Control from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Enjoy convenience and greater comfort when all of your home’s systems can be adjusted with the touch of a button – lights, audio/video, shades, thermostats, shades, security system and more can all controlled from one simple interface.

Choose an easy-to-use keypad or control your home’s systems from your smartphone or tablet. With home automation you have complete control from anywhere in your home, or anywhere in the world!

Santa Barbara Home Automation Provides Whole-Home Connectivity

The use of home automation and whole-home connectivity has a variety of benefits that go beyond convenience and comfort. You also create a more secure home which brings peace of mind, and a smarter, more efficient home which results in better energy efficiency which saves you money.

By controlling your entertainment systems, home audio/video and your interior and exterior lights you can always create the perfect environment in all areas of your home. With the heating/air conditioning at your control you can warm the house up an hour before you get home after conserving energy all day when you’re gone – there are many benefits that come with home automation

Energy Savings Is A Hallmark of Smart Homes Home Automation

With the use of such features as occupancy/vacancy sensors, home automation saves you money by ensuring that lights are only on when someone is in the room. With one touch of a button on your tablet, smartphone or keypad change your whole home’s lighting to a nighttime setting for security and energy savings.

You can even control your home lighting when you are away from Santa Barbara. Remote access is one of the many benefits of creating a smart home using home automation products installed by Radis Electric, the trusted and reliable Santa Barbara Electrician.

If you are on vacation you can program your home’s lights to mimic your normal lighting patterns so that it does not appear as if you are away. You can also monitor your Santa Barbara home from your tablet or smartphone giving you better home security and peace of mind. Even your door locks can be controlled with home automation!

Seniors Benefit from Convenience of Home Automation

By providing controls for your home’s primary electronic systems the result is a convenience that greatly benefits seniors or those who may be disabled and have a hard time moving around the home to adjust various controls.

The need for caregivers or institutional care is lessened when the home’s controls can be adjusted easily from anywhere in the home. Adjusting the thermostat, closing the shades or turning lights on or off can all be done from anywhere in the home. The result is a more comfortable home because of the ease of making adjustments whenever needed.

Santa Barbara Home Security Improved with SmartHomes Home Automation

View arriving guests on your television screen or monitor security cameras from your smartphone or tablet. Use motion sensors around your Santa Barbara home to detect any unauthorized movement allowing you to assess the situation. An optional service provides you with automatic alerts if there is ever a gas or water leak or a fire in your home.

Radis Electric is proud to represent and install the premier home automation brands in the industry including Control4Lutron Homeworks and Vantage home control systems. Home automation allows the installation of modular systems so that you can begin with just the basics (e.g., lighting control) and then gradually enhance your home control over time as your budget allows.

Home Automation Experts – Santa Barbara Electrician Radis Electric

Our best references and recommendations come from our long term clients in the Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Montecito areas. Radis Electric has been serving the Santa Barbara community and greater Central Coast region since 1982 and we have always remained at the forefront of cutting-edge home automation and electronic systems technologies.

Please give us a call at Radis Electric to discuss the many options regarding integrating home automation into your Santa Barbara home.

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