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Santa Barbara Electricians Radis Electric Install New Trufig Flush-Mounted Systems

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Flush-Mounting Solutions Provide A Clean Finished Look for Home Interiors – A Hit With Architects and Interior Designers

The Trufig Company offers a new flush-mounting system that allows all of your protruding wall accessories – including electrical outlets, switches/dimmers, phone plates, keypads and touch screens – to become virtually invisible as they blend seamlessly with the finished wall surface.

This new flush-mounted technology provides an ultimately clean and elegant look that enhances the decor of your home or office. The flush-mounted appearance has been an instant hit with interior designers and architects who appreciate the aesthetics and clean, refined look. Radis Electric is an official distributor and installer of Trufig products in the greater Santa Barbara area including Hope Ranch and Montecito.

Trufig Flush-Mounted Solutions Integrate Devices Into the Architecture

By integrating your home’s various technologies and devices into the architecture, Trufig flush-mounting solutions allow you to create a consistent and harmonious design.

The flush-mounting creates nearly invisible design elements that attain a new level of aesthetic refinement and precision. Your home’s interior wall surfaces will not be hindered by anomalies and instead will reflect a sophisticated simplicity and beauty.

The Trufig philosophy emphasizes an authenticity of materials seeking perfection even in the smallest details. The goal is to maximize the visual appeal of your home environment by applying a systematic approach to the design. Whether the wall surface is drywall, stone or wood, Trufig provides an ideal flush-mounted solution that is customized to the home.

Trufig Design Approach Emphasizes Precision and Craftsmanship

By applying a systematic design approach, carefully selecting materials and applying precise craftsmanship to every element, the result is a consistency of color and texture that seamlessly blends with the environment and complements rather than distracts from the architecture in fine Santa Barbara homes.

Trufig is Edison Testing Laboratory (ETL) Certified meeting all of the applicable Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards. Trufig products also meet National Electric Code (NEC) requirements.

Aesthetic-conscious designers, homeowners and architects appreciate the uncompromising refinement of Trufig’s revolutionary flush-mounting solutions. Increasingly popular in commercial as well as residential markets, Trufig products are appreciated by professionals in the construction, design and architecture communities.

Interior Designers, Architects and Homeowners Appreciate Trufig System

The clean and refined appearance of Trufig-treated walls extends to all wall outlets including home automation systems keypads and touch screens as well as switches/dimmers and electrical outlets.

The ability to integrate disparate technologies and devices into the building’s architecture utilizing flush-mounted solutions has made TRUFIG a hit with aesthetic-conscious designers and architects on both residential and commercial projects.

Please give us a call at Radis Electric and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Trufig flush-mounting systems. Our best references come from our long-term clients in Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Montecito.

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