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Santa Barbara Electricians Specialize in Home Automation – Control4, Vantage and Lutron Homeworks Systems

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Electrical Contractor Radis Electric Creates Smart Homes in Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Montecito

The popularity of home control systems and whole-home connectivity has been growing rapidly in the last few years due to improved technology. Santa Barbara Electrical Contractor Radis Electric is proud to install premium brands in home automation including the Control4, Vantage and Lutron Homeworks QS systems.

Home automation lets you to create a smarter home with the convenience of controlling all of your home’s systems from a single easy-to-use interface. You also create a more comfortable home that is more efficient, which saves you money, and a more secure home which brings peace of mind.

Santa Barbara Smart Homes – Total Control with Home Automation

Home automation allows you complete control of all of your home’s systems from a keypad or from your smartphone or tablet. From a single device you can control your homes televisions, audio/video, lights, heating/air conditioning and more. Even your outdoor sprinklers can be connected which will likely result in water savings.

As the premier Santa Barbara Electricians experienced in home automation, Radis Electric also offers automated shading systems and window treatments which come in many designs and styles to match your home design. Automated shades improve your privacy while enhancing your decor. With the touch of a button you can turn harsh glare into a soft glow while still preserving your view.

Radis Electric - Santa Barbara's Premier Electrical Conractors

Creating A More Secure and Comfortable Home with Automated Systems

Home automation also creates a more secure home in various ways. For example all of your doors can be locked with the touch of a button and your security lighting can be monitored and programmed to flash on and off to draw attention if the system is triggered.

By connecting all of your home’s lights to your Vantage, Lutron Homeworks or Control4 system you can easily transform your home environment to create the ideal ambiance for any situation. Light control systems can be personalized to recall your favorite settings for every situation so you can instantly transform your surroundings including your landscape and security lighting.

Added convenience is provided by fan controls and occupancy/vacancy sensors that will help you realize energy savings by creating a smarter Santa Barbara home.

With home control your entertainment systems – including televisions, audio/video, stereos systems and home theater – will benefit from whole-home connectivity greatly increasing your convenience. For example, create the perfect music in the dining area from the kitchen, or begin watching a movie in your home theater and then switch to the bedroom without having to change a disc.

Efficiency is a Hallmark of Home Automation – Energy Savings Equals Money Savings

When the thermostats, lights, televisions, shades, audio/video and other systems are at your fingertips and can be programmed to predetermined settings at particular times, the result is a smarter more efficient home. By controlling all of your home’s systems from one easy-to-use interface you will realize many benefits in comfort, convenience and security.

Using home automation on your door locks will allow you to secure your home at a moment’s notice and brings peace of mind at night when you lock the whole home with the touch of a button before going to bed. Install an intercom system and video surveillance for added security and the ability to greet guests as they arrive.

From a hand-held touch screen, keypad or mobile device you will have complete control of your home from any location. Use an iPhone, IPad, Android device or other smartphone or tablet – total home control at your fingertips!

Radis Electric – Trusted and Reliable Santa Barbara Electricians

Please give us a call at Radis Electric and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about home automation including the Control4Lutron Homeworks and Vantage systems. Radis Electric has been creating smart homes since 1982 and our best references come from our long-term clients in Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Montecito.

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