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Lutron Cellular Shades Offered By Santa Barbara Electrical Contractor Radis Electric

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Affordable Automated Shades Provide Comfort and Convenience While Enhancing Your Home Decor!

Lutron’s new Sivoia QS wireless cellular shades offer an incredible value at an affordable price. The control of your shades will be at your fingertips. Enjoy total control of your privacy, change harsh light into a soft glow or complete darkness, and save energy with insulating fabrics and efficient designs.

The innovative Lutron wireless shading system gives you precision control of the shades in one room, multiple rooms or the whole house with just one touch of a button. Enhance your Santa Barbara lifestyle with the convenience of automated shading solutions.

New Power Technology Makes Automated Shades More Accessible for Santa Barbara Homeowners and Businesses

With a new power technology that provides a 3-year battery life, Lutron shading solutions are now accessible to many more homeowners who can enjoy the comfort and convenience of automated shades. Santa Barbara architects and interior designers love the many styles and designs of this attractive new option for creating smarter more efficient homes.

Lutron has long been the premium brand in the industry, offering the highest quality shades in many different styles, colors and finish options that will enhance any decor. Also offered are dust resistant fabrics which reduce the necessity for cleaning.

Increase your privacy while preserving your Santa Barbara view, reducing glare and creating the perfect ambiance with the touch of a button. Radis Electric is the premier Electrical Contractor in the Santa Barbara region including Hope Ranch and Montecito and we install Sivoia QS automated shades as well as other automated window treatments.

Long Battery Life and Easy Battery Placement Makes Automated Shading System Hassle Free

Lutron’s Sivoia QS wireless cellular shades feature the new Triathlon power technology which ensures years of maintenance free operation. The battery in the units last for three years and are very easy to replace.

Changing the batteries of the Sivoia QS shades is done using Lutron’s exclusive Tap ‘n Tilt technology which makes the process very easy. Just press the release button above the shade headrail and it tilts forward and exposes the battery tray.

No pre-wiring is needed for cellular shades making the system perfect for retrofit applications and renovations since no communication wiring is necessary between the components. The cord-free applications are also great for homes with young children.

Comfort, Convenience and Energy Savings with Automated Shades

The Many Benefits of Lutron Sivoia QS Cellular Shades – Smart Homes In Santa Barbara

With the ability to open and close your Sivoia QS shades via remote control, you can easily adjust the shades at any time from any place. With just the touch of a button you can close or open multiple shades including hard-to-reach window treatments.

Santa Barbara Electrical Contractor Radis Electric takes great pride in their professional service and competitive rates. Just give us a call to discuss the many options for automated shading solutions and other home automation products ideal for the Santa Barbara lifestyle.

Sivoia QS Shading Solutions Increase Energy Efficiency

The new cellular shade styles now offered by Lutron are designed with innovative air pockets which trap in heat creating an effective insulation that improves a home’s energy efficiency. Saving energy means saving money, and financial savings is a hallmark of home automation which creates a smarter and more efficient Santa Barbara home.

Shades Available In Many Style Options To Enhance Your Decor and Improve Energy Efficiency

As functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, Lutron cellular shades are offered in various opacities from room darkening to translucent to sheer. You have the ability to completely control the light in your home, with the optimal light level always just a button-touch away.

The white backing of the cellular shade fabrics works as a reflector which keeps your home cool and comfortable when it is hot outside. The dual-sided fabrics also allow you to maintain a uniform appearance from the outside of your home while still having the ability to give each room its own signature style.

Various Fabrics and Designs Provide Many Shading Options

Choose from a variety of fabrics and shading system designs with a range of darkness levels that range from sheer fabrics that preserve your view while softening the light to fabrics that completely darken the room or create a subtle glow that enliven’s the interior of the room.

Open weave fabrics provide a very natural look and turn very intense sun rays into a gently diffused radiance. Sometimes you want to let in the warm Santa Barbara sun and other times you would rather create a softer glow just right to make your home comfortable.

Other Lutron shading solutions include Venetian blinds, roller shades, vertical drapery systems, Roman shades and tensioned shades. Lutron provides automated window treatments to meet your needs and specifications, and they are always beautiful and reliable.

Automated Shading Systems Integrate with Total Home Control – Santa Barbara Smart Homes!

Lutron shading systems may also be controlled along with your other home systems using Lutron’s Homeworks QS home automation.

Sivoia QS wireless shading systems integrate directly with Lutron’s lighting control systems. Radis Electric is the leading Santa Barbara Electrical Contractor in the home automation field, creating smart homes in Santa Barbara since 1982.

Whole-home connectivity with Lutron Homeworks QS system benefits you in many ways including comfort, convenience, improved home security and energy savings. Other control options include the RadioRA 2, Grafik Eye QS Wireless, Touch QS and Pico Wireless control systems.

Radis Electric – Reliable and Trusted Santa Barbara Electricians

Please give us a call at Radis Electric and we will be glad to answer any questions that you may have about automated shading systems as well as home automation including the Lutron HomeworksVantage and Control4 systems.

Radis Electric is the trusted Santa Barbara Electrical Contractor for home automation as well as entertainment systems, gate entry systems and complete home wiring for both residential and commercial projects. Our best references come from our long-term clients in Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Montecito.

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