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Santa Barbara Control4 Home Automation – Smart Homes By Radis Electric

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Home Control Solutions Create Smarter and More Efficient Santa Barbara Homes

Home automation with the Control4 system creates a more comfortable and secure home while saving energy. With the touch of a button create the perfect ambiance in any room for any situation from watching a movie to entertaining.

Optimal lighting, temperature and security are achieved with ease due to the convenience provided by Control4 home automation solutions. Improve the ambiance and comfort of your home with just the touch of a button.

Integrating All of Your Home’s Systems – Santa Barbara Smart Homes by Santa Barbara Electrician Radis Electric

By integrating all of your home’s electronics into one cohesive system you will save energy and money while increasing your comfort. Interior and exterior lighting, thermostats, audio/video and entertainment systems, luxury home theater, shades and drapes and more can all be controlled from one easy-to-use interface.

Use a keypad, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to monitor and control your home from anywhere on your property or from far away. Integrated entry access systems, video surveillance and intercom systems can be monitored from your television screen or smartphone so you can greet guests when they arrive and be aware of any unwanted intrusions.

Santa Barbara Smart Homes – Comfort, Convenience and Security with Control4 Home Automation

With just the touch of a button at night set your whole home to it’s nighttime settings. Enjoy peace of mind from improved home security and cost savings from reduced energy use.

By programming your thermostat and using such features as smart dimmers and occupancy/vacancy sensors you will create a smarter home that results in lower electricity costs. Radis Electric is the premier Santa Barbara Electrician for helping you save money through home automation.

You can also program your home’s settings so it looks lived in while you are away on vacation. When you are away for the day you can save money on energy in the day yet still come home to a bright and warm home.

Control4 Home Automation – Modular Home Control Solutions

The modular systems allow you to start with the basics such as lighting and heating/air conditioning and add to your home automation as your budget allows.

You can even automate your door locks so your whole home locks with one touch of a button on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, or from the simple and elegant system keypad.

The Control4 home control system integrates with other home automation systems installed by Santa Barbara electrician Radis Electric including the Lutron Homeworks and Vantage systems.

Please Give Us A Call To Learn More About Control4 Home Automation and Santa Barbara Smart Homes

Please give us a  call us at Radis Electric to find out more about Control4 home systems integration and how you can benefit from a smarter home. Radis Electric offers design, installation and programming of home automation systems to create your Santa Barbara smart home!

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